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Sanding Discs

Sparky Abrasives specializes in sanding discs for grinders and other abrasives for every application.  If you’re not sure what sanding product is recommended for your application, we can help.

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Sparky’s Flap Discs can do the job of both Grinding Wheels and Fiber Discs in one. An overlapping pattern with 30% more flaps than other brands means new material is exposed as top layers are worn away, resulting in less downtime from changing discs and top value for your money. Hook and Loop Discs as well as Quick Change Discs offer easy-on, easy-off operation for fast changes. Cloth Discs work well in excessive heat situations and have superior bonding to ensure they won’t slip or fly off.

Sparky also carries Stripping Discs for fast stock removal and Surface Conditioning Discs for deburring, blending, and finishing a variety of metals. Contact Sparky Abrasives today for top sanding discs for grinders and products from brands including Camel Grinding WheelsGlobal Abrasive ProductsSuperior Abrasives and more!

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