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Sanding Wheels

Sparky Abrasives offers sanding wheels in a variety of sizes and grits. We’re proud to provide product reliability and value when you need it most. Shop our variety of sanding wheels to suit your application, perfect for a quick final finish on any metal surface. 

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Sparky Abrasives offers Unmounted Flap Wheels, excellent for delivering a consistent uniform finish on large work pieces. These sanding wheels consist of aluminum oxide cloth flaps with 5/8" or 1" arbor holes. Unmounted Flap Wheels are typically mounted on bench grinder type tools. Mounted Flap Wheels have a 1/4" mandrel and are great for usage in tight areas, tubes, and narrow curves for general applications such as cleaning, blending and surface preparation.

Duplex Flap Wheels, also known as Interleaf Wheels, consist of alternating flaps of abrasive cloth and non-woven finishing material. They provide some stock removal, while leaving a brushed finish. Flap Wheels are used for blending scratch patterns left from coated abrasives. Our Duplex Flap Wheels are available unmounted with a 1" arbor hole.

We also offer Mounted Duplex Wheels that have a 1/4" mandrel which are mounted on a hand tool and are excellent to use on small, hard to reach areas. Shop our complete line and reach out to us with any questions you may have. 

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