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Hand Pads

Sparky Abrasives has a variety of Abrasive Hand Pads for cleaning, finishing and polishing metal surfaces. These hand sanding pads are 6x9 and are easily cut to be whatever size you desire. They are manufactured by Superior Abrasives and are made using a premium grade non-woven material.

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Non-Abrasive Hand Pads (white) are great for transporting polishing compounds and for non-abrasive cleaning and buffing. General Purpose Hand Pads (maroon) have an aggressive cutting action. They can be used with most solvents and are ideal for blending, light deburring, and cleaning. Heavy Duty Hand Pads (tan) have the highest concentration of abrasive grains and work great for rust, removing powder coatings, oxidation removal, and sharp burr removal. Ultra Fine Hand Pads (grey) are ideal for a decorative finish, polishing jewelry, polishing marble and precious stones, and wood defuzzing. Industrial Cleaning Hand Pads (green) are excellent for food prep clean-up, cleaning aluminum, oil and grime removal, and removing caked on corrosion. Stainless Finishing Hand Sanding Pads (black) are designed to impart grain finish on stainless steel. This product cleans discoloration from stainless steel, removes residue, blends tool marks, and reorients scratch patterns.

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