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​When Should You Use Quick Change Sanding Discs?

​When Should You Use Quick Change Sanding Discs?

Selecting the right sanding disc for the job is critical to getting the best possible results. Chances are that you’ll need to use multiple discs for a single project, for different surface materials and spaces. Quick change sanding discs have advantages for some specific kinds of work, but should they be part of your project plan? Here is what you need to know about using these sanding discs.

Sanding Disc Basics

With sanders, it all comes down to the disc. All types of sanders use sanding discs or belts, and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and abrasive materials. If you use the wrong sanding disc on a project, your results may be uneven and unpolished, or you could end up doing damage to the surface on which you’re working. It is usually beneficial to have multiple sanding discs available before you start a project, so you can swap them out at different stages to get the best results.

Quick Change Sanding Disc Uses

Quick change discs are ideal for using in corners and small areas along a surface. They can be used for deburring, grinding, blending, and to remove machine marks, usually on aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel. For example, a stainless steel customer can select a ceramic disc or a zirconia disc with a grinding aid. Someone working with ferrous and non-ferrous metal can use the A/O or our premium zirconia disc that does not require an additional grinding aid.

Quick change discs can also be used for general purpose grinding, though for general grinding, they are best used on small surface areas, as they are not designed for prolonged use. The benefit of quick change sanding discs is that they have a simple fastening system, so they can be popped on and off quickly. Most people find that the fastening system allows them to boost their productivity, since it’s easy to swap on this kind of disc, do some detailed work, then pop it off and return to a different disc to finish the job.

Sparky Abrasives offers a wide variety of quick change discs in several different grits and materials. To place an order, visit our website or call 1-800-328-4560 for assistance. We ship nationwide and can provide quotes for bulk orders.