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Ideal Applications for Buff and Blend Discs

Ideal Applications for Buff and Blend Discs

When working with metals, you often need a shiny, satin finish on your project. The way to achieve that lustrous result is with buff and blend discs. These specialized abrasive discs are designed to help you get the right decorative touch to complete your project. Buff and blend sanding discs are available in a variety of grades and sizes, allowing you to find the best fit for your project.

Finishing Contoured Parts

Whether you’re working with ferrous or non-ferrous metals, finishing contoured parts can be challenging. With a standard sanding disc, it is difficult to access all areas of the contours without using too much pressure or creating an uneven finish. The lighter touch of buff and blend discs are ideal for this purpose. Coarse, medium, and fine buff and blend discs can all be used, so you can find the right grit type for your particular project and material.

Achieving Satin and Grain Finishing

From shiny metal handles to muted chrome fixtures, buff and blend discs allow you to get the perfect finish on your project. Depending on the disc you choose and the pressure you use, you can create a streak-free, high-shine finish, or a muted, polished look. You will get a clean look, without irregularities or the scratches that can come with other sanding discs.

Blending Surface Imperfections

Have you been left with surface imperfections or machine marks on your project? Buff and blend discs will fix these issues, so you get a flawless finish. You can use buff and blend discs for this, even if your desired result isn’t to get a shiny finish—simply buff out the imperfections gently.

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