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​Comparing Specialty Abrasives

​Comparing Specialty Abrasives

Having the right abrasive is absolutely essential for metalworking. Sparky Abrasives has several specialty abrasives in stock that are right for any kind of challenge your work presents. We even offer custom sizes for unique jobs. Of course, the trick is picking the best abrasive for the work you’re trying to achieve. Here is a closer look at how some of our specialty abrasives compare.

Carbide Burrs

Carbide burrs are used for finishing, cleaning, and smoothing a variety of materials, not just metals. You can use carbide burrs for hard and soft metals as well as wood, plastic, and ceramic. They are particularly good working on soft metals without causing damage. Carbide burrs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with both single and double-cut heads. Frequently, users opt to get sets of carbide burrs so that they can change between sizes and shapes for different types of jobs.

Cartridge Rolls

Working on inside surfaces and corners of metal projects is notoriously difficult, but cartridge rolls make the process easy. They are available in several different shapes and materials, including straight and tapered rolls, so that you can work with multiple project types. Cartridge rolls are general use and can perform smoothing, deburring, and blending. Be sure to use cartridge rolls with high-speed air tools, as their small size means that they require high speeds to get results.

Mounted Points

If you need to complete inside work on glass, carbides, or ceramic, then you need mounted points. These are small grinding stones that are attached to air tools via a long shaft, giving you maximum moveability and performance without damage to the material on which you’re working. Like most abrasives, they are available in several sizes and shapes for flexibility.

Wire Brushes

Wire brushes are designed for removing rust, paint, scale and dirt. They can also be used for edge blending and even some light deburring work. Multiple sizes and designs are available, depending on the material you’re working on and the goal of the job. For a limited time, all our wire brushes ship for Free with no minimum dollar requirement!

The team at Sparky Abrasives is available to help you navigate the choices for specialty abrasives and choose the best option for your project. You can find much more information on our website or call us at 1-800-328-4560 to learn more about products and our nationwide delivery.