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Sparky Offers Items for All Stainless Steel Applications

Buff & Bend Discs

Buff and Blend products are made from tough, resin-reinforced nylon fiber with abrasive grain. The HP line is a stiff material that produces an aggressive cut rate; it's designed for applications where metal removal is required. The HS line is a high strength material that has greater tear resistance, perfect for use on final finishing of irregular parts.

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Ceramic Sanding Belts

While producing outstanding results, Ceramic is a long-life premium abrasive, used for medium to heavy material removal on aerospace alloys, aluminum, carbon steels, nickel alloys, cast iron, forgings, and Stainless Steel. The ceramic material produces a cool cutting action and lasts longer than zirconia.

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Surface Conditioning Quick Change Discs

These high quality Surface Conditioning Discs with convenient Quick Change Type-R are perfect for hard to reach surfaces. Available as 2 in. and 3 in. discs. Surface Conditioning material is an open nylon web material, impregnated with abrasive grains that provide a desired finish with controlled material removal.

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Quick Change Discs

Ceramic Quick Change Discs offer a synthetic grain formulated to withstand extreme pressures and dissipate heat. They continually expose sharp fractures for an aggressive cutting action and are made with a polyester backing material for long working life. Ceramic QC Discs are most popular on Stainless Steel.

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Flap Discs

Premium Ceramic VSM material XK840T: consists of sanding strips on a strong Cotton Cloth backing that are bonded to a fiberglass backing plate in an overlapping circular pattern. With this process, a new layer of the sanding strip is exposed as each previous layer wears away, resulting in a consistent cut rate all through the life of the flap disc. These cotton cloth backed flap discs are great for Stainless Steel and other heat sensitive materials. We now offer 3M's Cubitron Flap Discs too!

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Cut-Off Wheels

Zirconia Cut-off Wheels effectively and efficiently cut Stainless Steel and other steels. The zirconia material is stronger and tougher than the aluminum oxide material, allowing a better cut rate on Stainless Steel. The thinner design of these wheels allows them to slice through Stainless Steel with ease. We also offer Falcon Abrasives Ceramic Blue Talon wheels made specifically for stainless steel cutting.

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T27 Grinding Wheels

3M's Cubitron II and CGW's Zirconia T27 Grinding Wheels effectively and efficiently grind Stainless Steel and other steels. Both wheels are long lasting and cool cutting. Superior over aluminum oxide wheels which may load up and have a shorter life span than the Cubitron II and Zirconia.

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Non-Woven Hand Pads

Abrasive Hand Pads for cleaning, finishing and polishing metal surfaces. These hand pads are 6 x 9 and are easily cut to be whatever size you desire. They are manufactured by Superior Abrasives and are made using a premium grade non-woven material. Maroon and Black are most common for Stainless Steel applications.

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Flap Wheels

Aluminum Oxide Flap Wheels are excellent for deburring, blending parting lines, and polishing on Stainless Steel. These are best for hard to reach areas and inside and outside tubing. The flaps are arranged like a fan around the shaft of the tool, this provides a consistent cutting action, maximum performance and long life.

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Convolute Wheels 

Non-woven Surface Finishing Convolute Wheels are formed by wrapping and bonding non-woven web material impregnated with abrasive grain and resin around a center core. Convolute wheels offer a wide range of uses from heavy burr removal to cleaning rust and oxides.

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Unitized Wheels

Used for tough deburring, blending, finishing, and polishing on ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Unitized wheels are bi-directional and can be mounted on a tool or a pedestal grinder without regard to spindle rotation direction.

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Resin Fiber Discs

Ceramic Sanding Discs are great for applications where heat is a problem. The grain stays sharp as they fracture, because new cutting edges are continually exposed. Ceramic resin fiber discs outlast other discs on Stainless Steel.

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Surface Conditioning Discs

For deburring, surface prep, stock removal, leveling, blending and finishing, leaves surface with a uniform finish. Excellent to use on steel, Stainless Steel, aluminum, titanium and alloys, fiberglass, plastic and glass. Designed for long working life and resists loading. Hook and loop backing.

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Surface Conditioning Belts

Surface Conditioning Belts are an essential tool used for cleaning, finishing, blending and deburring applications. Non-woven belts can be used in place of coated sanding belts when a finer grit is needed. Surface conditioning belts are popular for industries such as food processing equipment, knife makers and any other Stainless Steel applications.

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Cross Pads

Cross pads are designed to deburr, size and clean tubes or pipes. They self-center during operation for smooth, flush wall sanding. Available in Aluminum Oxide or Ceramic.

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