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Quick Guide Sanding Wood

Sparky offers items for Sanding Wood

Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts

The enduring sharpness of aluminum oxide particles makes our sanding belts an excellent abrasive for both wood and metal. Abrasive particles are bonded to a poly/cotton or a cotton cloth backing with resin over resin, which means a longer-wearing belt. Our belts have a butt joint and can be run in either direction. Open coat aluminum oxide resists loading. Available in grits 36 - 400.

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PSA Discs

These PSA discs are composed of aluminum oxide grains, resin-bonded to heavy “X” weight cloth for maximum life and stability. Paper PSA discs are also available in a Gold “C” weight paper backing. Stearate Discs offer extended use on soft woods or on finishes where most materials might load and cease to perform. Multiple styles, sizes and grits available.

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Hook & Loop Discs

Hook & Loop discs are semi-open coat aluminum oxide sanding pads with a hook and loop (Velcro) backing. Stearate aluminum oxide is resistant to loading. Quick change, long life - can be removed and reinstalled many times. Sanding with cushion on back side of discs allows heat to escape. Superior gripping means they won't slip once on the pad. Multiple styles, sizes and grits available.

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Quick Change Discs

Quick Change Roloc Sanding Discs are quickly becoming more popular in woodworking shops. For fast clean-up of hard-to-reach areas and quick shaping of blanks, legs, sanding inside drawers and more makes these a versatile sanding tool. We recommend the aluminum oxide for wood applications.

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Economy Rolls 

Economy Shop Rolls manufactured by Superior Abrasives. All rolls are 50 yards long and available in 1”, 1-1/2” or 2” widths. Shop Roll material consists of aluminum oxide grain and has a "J" weight flexible cloth backing. Easily tear-off what you need to reduce waste! Available grits are 60 to 500. Economy Shop Rolls work best for hand sanding.

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9x11 Sanding Sheets

Resin Cloth Sanding Sheets consist of aluminum oxide grain on 9x11 sheets. This sandpaper has a "J" weight cloth backing which remains flexible and resists tearing. Resin Cloth Sanding Sheets are excellent for general purpose hand sanding and is available in grits 40 to 500. These are sold in packs of 50 sheets.

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Duplex Flap Wheels

Interleaf Flap Wheels, also known as Duplex Wheels are perfect for final-finish sanding on wood, while conforming well to contoured parts. Duplex Wheels are made with alternating flaps of abrasive cloth and non-woven finishing material. They provide some stock removal while leaving a brushed finish. One to one interleaf design. Available mounted with a ¼” shank or with a 1” arbor hole.

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Flap Wheels

Flap Wheels are excellent for delivering a consistent uniform finish on large work pieces. These sanding wheels consist of aluminum oxide cloth flaps with 5/8" or 1" arbor holes. Flap Wheels are typically mounted on bench grinder type tools. Mounted Flap Wheels have a 1/4" mandrel and are great for usage in tight areas, tubes, and narrow curves for general applications such as cleaning, blending and surface preparation. The flaps are arranged like a fan around the shaft of the tool, this provides a consistent cutting action, maximum performance and long life.

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