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 Peel & Stick Discs: Tips for Using a PSA Sanding Disc

Peel & Stick Discs: Tips for Using a PSA Sanding Disc

PSA sanding discs—or pressure-sensitive adhesive sanding discs—are popular for several reasons. They can be placed on a hard disc on a sander, so that they are completely flat. As a result, they are great for creating very even finishes. These kinds of sanding discs are also perfect for large jobs, since you can use them until you completely grind down the grit, which makes them a cost-effective option for many sanding shops. If you plan to use PSA sanding discs, these tips will help.

Decide if You Want Paper or Cloth Backing

PSA sanding discs are available with either paper or cloth backing. Cloth backing is extremely sturdy and very resistant to tears, so it is ideal for use in heavy sanding projects, in which you’ll be applying a lot of pressure. If you want a disc for light sanding work and finishing, choose a paper-backed PSA disc. The paper backing makes the disc more flexible, so it is also good for corners or intricate work.

Use PSA Sanding Discs for the Right Jobs

PSA sanding discs are designed to stay on the sander until you’re done using them. Once you remove the disc, it cannot be reapplied. For this reason, PSA sanding discs are best used on jobs in which you plan to use the same grit and sanding material for the entire surface. Keep in mind that you can use PSA sanding discs in more than one session—in fact, you can use the discs until the abrasive wears away.

Remove PSA Sanding Discs with Care

As with all sanding discs, the first thing you need to do to remove a PSA disc is to unplug the sander or remove the battery, so that it can’t accidentally turn on when you’re trying to remove the disc. In most cases, PSA discs will simply peel off. If the adhesive seems stuck, some have had success using hot or cold to remove; such as a freezing or a heating source to release the adhesive. Remember to clean any residue off the sander, so your next disc is free of bumps under the surface.

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