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​What Are the Advantages of Hook and Loop Sanding Discs?

​What Are the Advantages of Hook and Loop Sanding Discs?

If you have shopped for sandpaper for your power sander, chances are that you’ve encountered hook and loop sanding discs. These kinds of sanding discs are extremely common and popular for a number of reasons. In fact, they’re so popular that sanders that are not designed specifically to be used with hook and loop sanding discs can be converted to work with them. If you’re shopping for sanding discs, here are some of the advantages of choosing hook and loop models.

Strong Gripping

When you’re working with a sander, having the disc slip can spell disaster for your job. You don’t have to worry about this happening with hook and loop sanding discs. Hook and loop discs have Velcro on the back, which creates a strong grip once in place. You can sand with the confidence that your disc is going to stay fully in place and that slippage won’t impact the final result.

Easy Swapping

Although hook and loop sanding discs have a strong grip, they can also easily be removed and reinstalled several different times. Simply pull the disc off, and then press it back onto the sander when you’re ready to use it again. This feature lets you move the disc between different sanders, depending on the job you’re doing. It also lets you easily swap between sanding discs with different grit levels, so you can move through different stages of sanding efficiently. Less downtime means faster results.

Versatile Size and Material Variety

Hook and loop sanding discs are available in a variety of sizes, so they can be used with virtually any orbital or disc sander. You can get hook and loop sanding discs in aluminum oxide and silicon carbide options, allowing for work on everything from wood to plastic.

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