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Sanding Accessories

Get the accessories your project demands to get it done right. Sparky Abrasives offers sanding accessories so you can find exactly what you need. Add sanding accessories to your order, and don't forget to buy a Back-Up Pad to go along with your sanding disc pads! We proudly sell Back-Up Pads that are manufactured by Koltec USA.

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Sparky Abrasives offers Smooth Face Pads or Spiral Face Pads to use with your Resin Fiber Sanding Discs. We have Quick Change Mandrels in a variety of sizes to use with our Quick Change Discs. These Mandrels have a 1/4" shank for use on die grinders and are made for use with Type R (Roloc) Discs. Get a Gripper Pad to go along with our Surface Conditioning Hook and Loop Discs. These have a "Gripper T" surface that attaches to non-woven material.

Looking for a PSA Pad to put your Sticky Backed Sanding Discs on? Look no further! We offer these Straight Rotation or Dual Action PSA Pad's.

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  • Roloc Quick Change Mandrel

    Koltec USA Quick Change Mandrel Type R

    These quick change mandrel holders feature a 1/4" straight shaft spindle on the rubber holder pad to ensure a safe, secure, durable fit. These pads are compatible with Type R (Rolloc) style quick change discs. Change discs by simply twisting to unlock...
    $4.45 - $8.45
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  • Koltec USA Hook & Loop Backing Pads (5/8"-11)

    Koltec USA Hook & Loop Backing Pads (5/8"-11)

    KOLTEC USA's pad for Hook & Loop discs are typically used in finishing and polishing applications with hook & loop sanding discs. Pads with water feed holes are commonly used in the polishing of marble, granite, and other ceramic material in a...
    $8.25 - $24.50
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  • 5 psa backing pad & 6 psa backing pad

    Koltec USA PSA Backing Pads

    Koltec USA Straight Rotation PSA Pads - These cushioned pads for pressure sensitive adhesive back and glue on discs are designed for tools with straight rotation, NOT dual action. They have a sturdy back plate with female 5/8"-11 threaded arbor. Blue...
    $11.37 - $13.75
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