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Looking for a 4x36 sanding belt?

Looking for a 4x36 sanding belt?

4X36 Size Sanding Belts

The ceramic 4x36 sanding belt size is commonly requested size. We have this specific size available for purchase on our website here along with these other popular 4 inch wide belt sizes:

  • 4x21
  • 4x24
  • 4x60
  • 4x76
  • 4x84
  • 4x106
  • 4x118
  • 4x132

When you select your size, you can also select a variety of grit options from 36 to 120. We offer savings when you buy sanding belts in bulk. If you buy six or more, you save 50%.

Our coated sanding belts feature ceramic, aluminum oxide, and zirconia alumina materials with break-resistant joints and a strong polyester backing. Ceramic belts are best for grinding and finishing stainless steel, while all three work great on most other metals.

If you purchase sanding belts in bulk, here are some tips for storing them to maximize longevity. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if we can answer a question or start a custom order for you.