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Advice for Storing Sanding Belts

Advice for Storing Sanding Belts

Many of our customers buy and maintain quantities of abrasive products to have on hand to keep ongoing and future projects moving seamlessly. Buying or storing sanding belts for long periods of time raises the question “what is the estimated shelf life of sanding belts”?

Shelf Life of Sanding Belts and Proper Storage

All our sanding belts are custom made per order and have a shelf life of about 18 months, so they are brand new when they arrive. However, you are able to reach or possibly extend that time by taking a few simple steps. We highly recommend storing your sanding belts, and any abrasive products in a temperature-controlled area. Instead of an outdoor space, outbuilding, or other non-climate controlled area, opt for a dry space with minimal humidity (approximately 45-65%) and adequate heating and cooling (about 64-71 degrees Fahrenheit), based on the cold or hot season. This means you should also avoid direct exposure to sunlight and any of the elements. When possible store up, off the ground.It is also recommended that whenever possible you store in the original, unopened packaging.

Sparky Abrasives is willing to replace your sanding belt if you have issues with the belt coming apart at the splice. Should this happen, please contact our customer service

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