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What Size Sanding Belt Do I Need?

What Size Sanding Belt Do I Need?

Jun 1st 2020

For a myriad of reasons, you may have a belt sander you’ve acquired or stored for a while that is in need of a new belt, but you’re not sure what size you need. There are a couple ways you can determine the correct size to fit your machine and have you sanding in no time!

How to Determine Replacement Size from an Existing Belt

One of the easiest methods is to use your existing belt, if there’s one on your sander. Cut the old, worn out one straight across so that it goes from a circular shape to a straight (linear) line. Make sure your cut is straight, because you’re now going to measure it lengthwise. Next, measure the width of the belt. These are your belt dimensions, and they will help you shop for a replacement. When shopping online, you’re going to see dimensions in the format of width x length.

How to Determine the New Belt if You Don’t Have an Old One to Measure

If you’re scratching your head because your sander doesn’t have an old belt to remove and measure, no worries. Another way to get the dimensions you need is to take a piece of string or yarn (or any non-stretching material) and wrap it around the sander where the belt would go, making sure it is snug and not overlapped. Now lay it out linear and measure it end for end. Next measure the width of the roller where a belt wraps around. Now you have your width x length measurements to shop for a replacement.

Ready to Ship & Custom Belt to Order

Sparky can custom make any size belt ¼” wide to 13” wide and up to 400” long. Contact us today to get started with your custom order or if you need help you finding what you need from our extensive online selection of sanding belts