What is a Flap Disc Used For & Its Versatility

What is a Flap Disc Used For & Its Versatility

What is a flap disc used for & when to make it your go-to choice

Flap discs are frequently selected for a variety of applications including conditioning, conforming, shaping, and finishing metal. They are made up of many layered “flaps” of abrasive material, but the Sparky Abrasive flap discs are a cut above the rest. Ours have 30% more flaps than competitor brands; as a result, they last much longer. When each flap disc, or any abrasive product for that matter can last longer, you save time and money.

Watch how with just one disc, you can complete material removal and finishing in just one process: 

So what applications are flap discs used for?

Flap Discs are an essential tool for right angle metal grinding applications, and can be used in place of both grinding wheels and fiber discs. Many of our long-time clients who buy flap discs in bulk use them in a variety of large machining and welding applications. Industrial, food and dairy, and agricultural manufacturing often rely on flap discs in their processes due to their durability, versatility, and longevity qualities. If you need grit from 24 to 120, we have flap discs in a variety of densities, ready to ship.

Need to quickly remove material or handle curves and contours?

Type 29 Flap Disc provides an angled shape for maximum surface contact

  • It’s perfect for more aggressive removal.

Need to do more finishing or blending?

Type 27 Flap Disc is a Flat Flap Disc shape

  • Offered multiple material types, including Zirconia or Ceramic

Need a flap disc made from heat-sensitive material?

Ceramic Flap discs have a cool grinding aid

  • They’re great for aluminum, carbon steels, stainless steel, and more.

Need a faster cutting and longer lifespan?

A Zirconia Flap Disc is an excellent choice and resharpens itself during use

  • Works well on stainless steel, hard, steel, and titanium

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