The Right Abrasive Cut Off Wheels for Your Application

The Right Abrasive Cut Off Wheels for Your Application

A cut off wheel is fabricated with abrasive grain for cutting, notching and grinding making it a very versatile and commonly relied upon abrasive product. Metal cut off wheels are an exceptional choice when your application requires cutting of metal, steel, and stainless steel.

Most Popular Metal Cut Off Wheel

Sparky offers a variety of first-rate, high-speed reinforced wheels that are manufactured in the USA and trusted by metal fabricators and manufacturers for decades. Our most popular cut-off wheel is the Type 27 Depressed Center 4-½” ZipCut Wheel. This disc is engineered for a longer machine life and is made with Zirconia grain which allows for less vibrations, easier operation, and faster cutting action. This is a thin reinforced wheel that works great when cutting steel and stainless steel. It definitely lasts longer and cuts faster than any other cut-off wheel out there!

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Aluminum Cut Off Wheels for General Use

Sparky also offers a Type 1 Aluminum Oxide Cut-Off Disc. These high-speed reinforced wheels are available on our website by top brands that include Falcon Abrasives, CGW, and Performance Abrasives and are great for general purpose cutting on metal and steel. For a longer lasting Cut-Off Wheel try the Type 1 Zirconia Cutting Disc.

Shop online to get your large, bulk order on its way to you, or ask us to customize your abrasive product specific to your application. Simply reach out with your specifications, and we’ll work with you to get what you need.