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Sanding Belts for Metal

Sanding Belts for Metal

Choosing the Right Sanding Belt for Metal

Do you have some aggressive grinding to do? Whether grinding, dimensioning, finishing, polishing, cutting or shaping metal you need a sanding belt designed to handle the unique requirements metal presents. Our line of sanding belts give you the size options you need along with the excellence, quality, and long-lasting performance you need for a wide range of projects.

Sparky Abrasives specializing in providing many of the best, high quality sanding belts on the market today. Get ready to revolutionize your process with tough durability, along with the right size and fit. We sell, manufacture, and customize sanding belts 1/4" to 13" wide and up to 400" long.

Did you know that ceramic sanding belts work great for metal because they sharpen with each and every use? While producing outstanding results, Ceramic is a long-life premium abrasive, used for medium to heavy material removal on aerospace alloys, aluminum, carbon steels, nickel alloys, cast iron, forgings, and stainless steel. Ceramic sanding belts for metal last longer than zirconia!

Each type of sanding belt is designed for specific uses. The purpose, type of sanding, and material being worked with all dictate the best sanding belt for the job. If you feel you need assistance selecting the best belt for your metal project or any other abrasive product for your unique application, contact us.