Sanding Belt Sizes and What You Need to Know

Sanding Belt Sizes and What You Need to Know

What size sanding belt do you need?

While we can custom make any size sanding belt you need, we offer a variety of common sizes online & in bulk. Shop by width and varied lengths with grits from 36 to 120. You’ll find what you need or we’ll custom make it to fit.

Sparky Abrasives offers long-lasting, durable file sanding belts and narrow sanding belts, as well as conditioning belts to fit many specifications for both stationary and portable tools.

Sanding belt sizes listed on our website are made upon order and usually ship in 2-4 business days! You’re always getting recently manufactured, high quality sanding belts shipped straight to your door.

Custom belts can be made to order from 1/4" to 12" wide and up to 400" long. Let us know what you need that isn’t already in your cart!

Not sure what sanding belt you need or looking for something specific?

Quickly determine what size sanding belt you need - We created an easy method for you to determine what size sanding belt to buy, if you’re not quite sure.

Choose the right sanding belt for metal - This handy information is specific to finding sanding belts for more aggressive metal applications

For the absolute best sanding belts and the exact sizes you need, contact us today!