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Sanding and Finishing Guides for Wood and Stainless Steel Projects

Sanding and Finishing Guides for Wood and Stainless Steel Projects

May 27th 2020

Products for the Stainless Steel Industry

Stainless steel is also known as chromium steel or corrosion-resistant steel. Used in a variety of industries including chemical and food processing, construction, automobile production, and so many more, stainless steel has seen the largest increase in recent years.

  • The United States has well over 2000 steel suppliers
  • The world’s top steel producer reportedly outputs over 95 million tons

The rising demand of stainless steel for consumer goods is likely to continue. It’s versatility, low maintenance, and corrosion resistant properties keep it in demand for countless applications world-wide.

Find What You Need With Our Stainless Steel Abrasives Guide

Sparky offers a complete line of stainless steel finishing products for all types of stainless steel application. We’ve put together a quick comparison guide to see many of the sanding and conditioning belts, pads, discs, and wheels at a glance. Navigate your options and find exactly what you need here and reach out if you need anything manufactured to your specifications.

Products for the Wood Industry

Forestry agriculture and wood manufacturing industries in the United States are strong with about 2/3 of all U.S. forested land capable of producing industrially utilized wood for manufacturing. Wood continues to be in demand with wood being a $67 billion industry.

Find What You Need With Our Wood Sanding Abrasives Guide

You’ll be able to find what you need for any wood sanding application with our quick comparison guide featuring a large selection of sanding belts, discs, sheets, and wheels. You’ll find what you need here or let us know if you have a custom order.