Resin Fiber Discs FAQs

Resin Fiber Discs FAQs

If you’re looking for sanding discs that are designed to avoid grain stripping, loading, and glazing, then you’re looking for resin fiber discs. These sanding discs are tough and resilient, making them an ideal fit for jobs that might otherwise break down discs. To help you find the right accessories for your project, here are the answers to some of the most frequent queries about resin fiber discs.

What exactly is a resin fiber disc?

Resin fiber discs have multiple layers of fiber. This vulcanized fiber is used as backing. The fiber is covered with a resin coating. As the resin bonds, it reduces the risk of sanding problems like loading and grain stripping, which can damage the finished product. The bond coat is topped with mineral abrasive grains. These grains increase the toughness of the fiber disc and create sharp points for more effective sanding.

When should I use a resin fiber disc?

Resin fiber discs have extensive uses. The grain of the disc will partially determine how it should be used. However, you will commonly find these kinds of discs used for weld removal, slag removal, beveling, and spatter cleaning. As you would with any sanding job, match the grit to the type of work you are doing.

How do I attach resin fiber discs to my sander?

Typically, these discs require a back-up pad and then are attached with a center nut. To remove the disc, a spanner wrench is used to remove the center nut. Flexible, medium, and rigid backing pads can all be used with resin fiber discs. Keep in mind that the RPM rating will be determined by the rating of the backing pad.

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