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Clearance Abrasives: Sanding Discs, Belts, and More!

Clearance Abrasives: Sanding Discs, Belts, and More!

If you’re looking for abrasive products marked at clearance prices, we have a dedicated clearance section on our website that offers a wide variety of items from sanding discs and belts to sandpaper and wheels. This is a section you’ll want to bookmark and stop back often as inventory changes, and you never know what you’ll find at bargain prices.

What’s on Clearance?

The products listed are samples, overstock items, boxes that have been opened and are incomplete, or in some cases older model abrasives that have been discontinued. Rest assured that everything for sale in our clearance area is new and in unused condition.

You’re sure to find some premium products at stellar prices! Please know that all purchases of clearance items are final, however, and only available while supplies last. See something you want? Order it now to be sure you get what you need. At times our inventory count can be off or someone has just made a purchase that is being filled. If that happens and the quantity of your order can’t be filled, we will notify you and issue a refund. Again, items are added on a regular basis; take a look at the recently added clearance sanding discs, conditioning belts, sanding belts, and more!