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Carrying Made in the USA Products is Important

Carrying Made in the USA Products is Important

Jun 30th 2020

Sparky Abrasives is proud to be both a Minnesota Manufacturer, as well as a producer of “Made in the USA” products. It’s both an honor and responsibility we take seriously, as we navigate our mission and commitment to our distribution partners, customers, employees, and community as a whole.

Manufacturing products in the US means we’re able to provide skilled jobs close to home, as well as residual jobs beyond our region in areas such as shipping, truck driving, warehousing, packaging, and other resources. It’s said that for every manufacturing job in the United States, five more jobs are created.

Providing premium abrasive products is of utmost importance to us, and our manufacturing processes mean we have greater control over quality standards. Our customers get a final product made with the best components, designed and inspected for longevity of use. This translates to better value and less waste which we strive to provide every day.

We know supporting American products and companies matters deeply to many of our customers. We appreciate your business and the trust you’ve placed in us since 1967.