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Sparky Abrasives has Premium Quality Sandpaper and Economy Shop Rolls for all your hand sanding needs!

Waterproof Sanding Sheets consist of Silicon Carbide grain on 9x11 sheets. This Wet/Dry sandpaper is available in grits from 60 to 3000 and is sold in packs of 100 sheets.
Waterproof sheets are best for sanding automotive paints, urethane, lacquer, varnish, porcelain, acrylic enamel, metal primer, or clear coats.

Resin Cloth Sanding Sheets consist of Aluminum Oxide grain on 9x11 sheets. This sandpaper has a "J" weight cloth backing which remains flexible and resists tearing. Resin Cloth Sanding Sheets are excellent for general purpose hand sanding and is available in
grits 40 to 400 and is sold in packs of 50 sheets.
Sparky Abrasives offers Economy Shop Rolls manufactured by Keystone Abrasives. All rolls are 50 yards long and available in 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch or 2 inch widths. Shop Roll material consists of aluminum oxide grain and has a "J" weight flexible cloth backing. Easily tear-off what you need to reduce waste! Available grits are 60 to 500. Economy Shop Rolls work best for hand sanding.