Superior Abrasives Quick Change Discs (Type R - Roll on)

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Superior Abrasives Quick Change Discs (Type R - Roll on)
Quick Change Discs (Type R - Roll on) - Type R Quick Change Sanding Discs are used for general purpose grinding and aggressive stock removal. They can also be used for deburring and edge breaking, surface leveling, mold and cavity grinding.
•For weld removal use grits 36-60
•To blend gouges, pits and surface imperfections use grits 80-150
•Available in Aluminum Oxide, Compact Grain, Silicon Carbide, Ceramic, Zirconia and Zirconia w/Grinding Aid.
•Easy roll-on attachment - Type R (plastic)
•Use on a Die Grinder
•Cloth Discs (Zirconia ONLY = Fibre-backed discs)

Most are only sold in box quantity, unless otherwise marked.

Aluminum Oxide: Most popular, durable, general purpose grain. Universally used for metals, wood, plastics, and lacquer. "X" weight poly/cotton cloth - grits 24 - 120

Zirconia: A synthetic grain engineered to produce tough less brittle characteristics than A/O. Alumina Zirconia Blend. Fracturing properties ensure a consistently sharp edge. "X" weight fibre-backed - grits 36 - 120

Ceramic: A synthetic grain formulated to withstand extreme pressures and dissipate heat. The crystallized substrate continually exposes sharp fractures for aggressive cutting action. Specifically for grinding metal. Contains a grinding aid. "Y" weight poly cloth - grits 36 - 120

Zirconia w/Grinding Aid: Same properties as standard Zirconia with altered resin chemistry to incorporate a super size coat, which reduces heat and adds lubricity. "Y" weight poly cloth - grits 36 - 120

Silicon Carbide:  Synthetic grain that is very hard and brittle. Designed to grind glass, minerals, ceramic, china, marble, and rock. "X" weight poly cloth - grits - 36 - 400 (please call for finer grits, minimum quantity order applies)

Compact Grain A/O: Compact grains are a cluster of multiple abrasive grains of the same size. As one layer of abrasive grain is worn away, another layer is exposed. The compact grain construction results in less loading, much longer life and a very consistent finish. Use compact grains on any mild, stainless or high alloy steel. Grits 80 - 600

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