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Sparky Type 29 Angle Flap Disc - ZIRCONIA - with hub

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Type 29 Angle Flap Disc with 5/8-11 hub - Premium Zirconia material: consists of sanding strips on a strong cloth backing that are bonded to a fiberglass backing plate in an overlapping circular pattern. With this process, a new layer of the sanding strip is exposed as each previous layer wears away, resulting in a consistent cut rate all through the life of the flap disc. With just one of these flap discs, you can complete material removal and finishing in ONE process. Zirconia grain is superior to aluminum oxide, zirconia is sharper for faster cutting and longer life. Known as Type 29 or Angle Flap Disc These flap discs have a 5/8-11 hub Provides maximum contact with work surface More aggressive than flat flap discs Works well on curves and contours Normally operated at a 15 to 25 angle Use on a Right Angle Grinder Lasts 20x longer than resin fiber discs - more cost effective! Made in the USA ZIRCONIA Used for heavy material removal on all types of metals, Zirconia is a long-life premium abrasive that delivers aggressive cutting action while grit particles continually produce new sharp points. Great for titanium, hard steel and stainless. Superior to aluminum oxide!